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Perú Maravilloso Lp, Tiger´s Milk TGM003. 2013.

I think it is not necessary to remind our regular readers the purpose behind Sotano Beat's fanzine and blog: Returning to the collective memory, the work of Peruvian musicians from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Artists who undeservedly had a brief success at the time and then disappeared forever. But now, more than ten years after the foundation of our fanzine, it is also necessary to highlight the work of the labels that in recent years have released the work of these musicians, putting them again in the musical map for the current generation.

And what is better than international labels in Peruvian hands doing it? I mean the newest Tiger's Milk. I don't need to take too much time on the presentation of this new record label founded by Martín Morales, known in the culinary world for its Peruvian restaurant "Ceviche" in London. We will publish an interview with his partner David Ballantyne, also responsible for this compilation.
Tiger's Milk had already released “Peru Maravilloso” in every sonic format, including vinyl deluxe edition LP and 7".
We must also mention the collaboration of Andrés Tapia (Repsychled Rcds) in the excellent selection of the compiled songs.
Now, the music:
Lucho Neves and his Orchestra started playing with skill and originality a classic tune of the South-American Andean music: “El Mambo de Machaguay”, latin jazz with an unique flavor. Then comes the Caribbean style 'descarga' of Chango y su Conjunto playing an incredible set right before the relentless groove of Juaneco y su Combo, with the hypnotic "Cumbia del Pacurro": cries of wild animals from the dark jungle, soaked in wah wah guitars and the ubiquitous guiro that invites you to move your body in a trance!
Then comes the turn of the "dark" Zheros with their uninhibited psychedelic guitar riffs and reverberant sound, cumbiando with "Para Chachita". The party can't stop! The sound of "Meshkalina" comes now: a little masterpiece of psychedelic Peruvian composed by Traffic Sound, this time in the original version of the Paco Zambrano y su Combo, with a strong boogaloo rhythm. After that, the cumbia returns again, this time with Los Gatos Blancos and their “El Chacarero”; a band reissued for the first time in a compilation, with an extremely fine sound between Los Mirlos and Los Diablos Rojos.
But not every tune here is just salsa or cumbia, Tiger's Milk let us hear the voice of Zulu, an extraordinary musician, who suddenly in the 70s disappeared almost without trace. The researchers from cult Sotano Beat Fanzine tell their story in a fabulous interview here:
Zulu sings "Sueño de Amor" in the key of soul and boogaloo, with that sensual idiosyncratic voice of him. After this romantic intermission we are back to the land where cumbia kicks, and we are dancing to Los Orientales, Los Ribereños and Los Ecos, who bring a stunning reinterpretation of the Beatles tune "I feel fine”.
What can be said about the next track "Toro Mata"? It's a tune that every Peruvian has ever heard. It's a song that not only defines our national folklore, but, unlike any, reveals the great contribution of African culture to the Peruvian culture. The compiled version brings the Orchestra of Pocho Purizaga doing some beautiful string arrangements, elegant Hammond sounds and tasty percussion work.
To continue surprising us with this collection of songs comes Manzanita, founder (along with Enrique Delgado) of the Peruvian style of cumbia: the tune "Zambito Rumbero" brings to our ears an electric guitar raving with his unique and uninhibited style, turning upside down the limits of a genre invented by himself: That's what I call originality!
And after that batch of cool songs we know you people want more, so let us bring al last but not least Felix Martínez y sus Chavales and the great Aniceto y sus Fabulosos (you can read their story here:

The LP also comes with a bonus track from the creators of "Darkroom", The Zheros and their insane "Descarga de los Zheros".It is also important to mention the quality of this first label's release, the very informative notes accompanying the CD and the mp3 downloads accompanying the vinyl edition, adding a good design to a compilation that sets already, musically, a high standard for future editions of our Peruvian urban music.

Thanks to Antonio Ayora González for help to translate this text.

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